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Unitel Smashes Home Internet Prices in Laos

Unitel, Unitel Smashes Home Internet Prices in Laos

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful Internet connection for your home, you cannot go wrong with Fiber Internet.

FIber is the ultimate medium to carry Internet service to your house. It is fast, stable, and responsive.

In our last article back in November 2020, we detailed the diverse technology medium for Internet access and why you should definitely go for fiber if your area is covered.

With this new promotion, Unitel is crushing the competition by offering more bandwidth for your bucks. The Vietnamese-backed operator did not change its price structure but simply increase significantly the bandwidth included in each plan.

Unitel, Unitel Smashes Home Internet Prices in Laos
Unitel FTTH Promotion

The big question is whether this internet bandwidth is really 100% international bandwidth as lately the telecom providers in Laos gave away a lot of domestic capacity. This practice is very common in neighboring country Thailand. The main difference is that Thailand has developed a domestic cloud/content eco-system that can take advantage of this domestic capacity. Laos is not there yet.

The domestic content in Laos is mostly limited to OTT caching (Akamai, Google, or Facebook) and a few datacenter/cloud service providers such as LANIC, GDMS, and LaoDC.

What is OTT caching?

OTT Cache allows ISPs to serve certain OTT content directly from within their own networks. This eases congestion within the ISP network, and reduces the amount of traffic on the ISP peering and transit links. This type of caching help telecom operators reduce their transit cost while improving the user experience. As the content is served locally, it loads very quickly and with limited buffering.

Coming back to Unitel promotion, it is good news to see a mobile operator making this type of move and delivering more bandwidth for the same price.

Unitel, Unitel Smashes Home Internet Prices in Laos
Home Broadband in Laos – Price per Mbps

With this new pricing in place, Unitel positions itself as the cheapest Internet Service Provider in Laos. It should not take long before Lao Telecom, ETL, and Best Telecom counter-attack.

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