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Laos Celebrates 159th World Telecommunication Day: Innovation Drives Sustainable Development!

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This year’s World Telecommunication and Information Day (WTISD) on May 17th was a momentous occasion for Laos, marking the 159th anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and its commitment to digital progress.

Embracing Digital Innovation for a Sustainable Future

The theme for WTISD 2024, “Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development,” perfectly captured the Lao PDR’s focus on leveraging technology for a brighter future. As stated by Mr. Boviengkham Vongdara, Minister of Technology and Communication, digital innovation is key to driving sustainable economic and social development across the country.

Impressive Progress in Telecommunication Infrastructure

The Lao government has made significant strides in expanding its telecommunication infrastructure, as reported by the Laotian Times. Laos now boasts a nationwide fiber optic network exceeding 98,524 km, connecting all provinces, cities, and numerous villages. This achievement is even more impressive considering it translates to mobile phone signal coverage reaching a remarkable 97% of villages! The breakdown reveals strong adoption of 3G and 4G technologies, with 85% and 76% coverage respectively.

Looking Forward: 5G and Beyond

The exciting news doesn’t stop there! Early 2024 saw the launch of high-speed 5G internet in Vientiane capital, Luang Prabang province, and Bokeo province. This marks a significant leap forward in Laos’s digital landscape, as reported by the Laotian Times.

Embracing Digital Transformation for National Growth

The Lao government is actively promoting digital transformation across all sectors. The establishment of the National Committee for Digital Transformation in 2023, spearheaded by the Prime Minister, is a testament to this commitment.

A Call to Action: Utilizing Technology for Success

Minister Vongdala urged all Lao citizens to actively use telecommunications and information technology, particularly the internet and social media, to enhance productivity across various fields. He emphasized responsible online behavior, urging citizens to be vigilant against misinformation and focus on productive online activities.

Celebrating Achievements, Looking Towards the Future

The WTISD celebration serves as a reminder of Laos’s remarkable progress in telecommunications and its commitment to a digital future. The Laotian Times reports that the number of mobile phone registrations has surpassed 6.1 million, with internet users reaching over 4.6 million. These figures are expected to climb further, with the Ministry setting ambitious targets. Additionally, Laos boasts a strong telecommunication industry with over 20 internet companies contributing significantly to the national economy. With strong regional connectivity through 18 transmission links to neighboring countries, Laos is well-positioned for continued growth.

The Road Ahead: Bridging the Digital Divide

Despite this impressive progress, we acknowledge the challenge of millions still lacking access to digital tools. This highlights the importance of continued efforts to bridge the digital divide and ensure everyone in Laos can benefit from the transformative power of technology.


The dedication to innovation and responsible technology use will undoubtedly contribute to a prosperous, green, and sustainable Laos for generations to come.

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