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How to watch the World Cup 2022 in Laos

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The World Cup started yesterday with an interesting Qatar – Ecuador. Over the next 5 weeks, football fans will have all eyes on Qatar. But how can you enjoy your vacations in Laos while catching a game from time to time?

If you are traveling to Laos at this time of the year, you made the right choice! This is the perfect season to visit this beautiful country. The rainy season just ended, so the flora is luxurious, the temperature is perfect for sightseeing and the blue sky will make every photo shot Instagrammable.

FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule in the Lao time zone

The World Cup Schedule is officially published on the FIFA website and can be found in PDF here. Unfortunately, the schedule is in the local time zone, and you would need to adjust it to the local time zone.

Looking at the Lao timezone, the World Cup games will take place in the evening. During the group stage, you will have 3-4 games per day—the earliest one is at 5 PM and the latest one at 2 AM (ouch!).

During the round of 16, quarter-finals, and semi-finals, the games will take place at 10PM or 2AM Lao time.

Finally, the 3rd place and the final will be broadcasted at 10 PM local time.

To summarize, the World Cup schedule is super friendly and can nicely accommodate your trip to Laos! You can take advantage of the daylight to visit temples, go trekking, rafting, or hiking, and then relax, and enjoy a game at night with a cold beer.

If you like to get the game schedule in the right timezone, the best way is to add it to your Google calendar, so it gets synced with your phone time/timezone. You can use this website to do so.

How to watch the World Cup in Laos?

Watch the World Cup on Thai TV

Lao people truly love soccer. You will find a lot of local beer shops broadcasting La Liga or the English Premiere League all year long. As there is no local broadcaster that owns the right to any major football league, most local places will subscribe to Thai TV Broadcaster TrueVisions.

True Visions acquired the rights for all the World Cup games. The games will also be broadcasted on free to air TV in Thailand. The participating channels are True4U 24, TSports 7, Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 7, Channel 8, MCOT Channel 9, NBT, Thai PBS, Thairath TV, Amarin TV, Mono 29, PPTV 36, GMM 25, Nation TV, ONE 31 and JKN.

If you plan to live your passion from the comfort of your hotel room, make sure your hotel has a subscription to Thai TV channels. The only downside of watching the FIFA World Cup from a Thai channel is that commentators will obviously be in Thai.

If you are looking to watch games with commentators that speak your language, another option is to watch the FIFA World Cup via Internet streaming.

How to stream the World Cup games in Laos?

To stream the world cup, you would need a stable and fast internet connection. It is difficult to know in advance if your hotel’s internet connection would be good. This depends on various factors such as the location, the hotel’s capacity, and the Wi-Fi coverage. The connection can be good one day and spotty the other day. Providing good Internet service in a busy hotel is not easy or cheap.

As a plan B, we would recommend investing in a local SIM card with a data package. The good news is that mobile data in Laos is fast and affordable. You may experience performance issues if you are off the beaten tracks, but while you are staying in the main cities (Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, Takhek, Savannaketh), you should be able to stream the World Cup from your phone. You can use the mobile hotspot feature to extend the Internet to your laptop to watch the game on a larger screen.

Are you interested to order a SIM card loaded with a high-speed Internet package for your arrival in Laos?

Order your SIM card and pay online, our team takes care of the rest for you.

Once you have your Internet service ready, you need to find good links to stream the World Cup. Here is a selection of streaming sites that should help you to watch every single game.




Looking for something simpler?

Go to the FIFA website and stream the World Cup matches for free. Click here.

There is also a FIFA+ app available on Android and IOS.

Note that the Internet in Laos is not filtered, so you do not need to use a VPN to stream any content.

Where to watch the FIFA World Cup in Laos?

If you fancy mingling with the locals or finding expat buddies supporting the same team, here are a few places in Laos to enjoy a game in good company:


Gringo’s Taco Bar – Mexican Cuisine

Le Khem Khong – French Bistro on the Mekong river

SIXpack – Upscale local restaurant

Naga Boat – Cocktail place on the Mekong river

PARC Café Vientiane – Multipurpose community café

The Highland Garden Restaurant – Western food in a garden

Samlo – Expat / Tourist Pub (open late at night)

Luang Prabang

RedBul Bar – Sports Bar popular among locals and expats

La Silapa – Italian/Lao restaurant

Vang Vieng

Rocky Mountain Restaurant and Bungalows – Local Food with a nice sunset view


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