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Mobile Data Plans in Laos 2022

Mobile data plans in Laos, Mobile Data Plans in Laos 2022

The young generation in Laos is hungry for more data! Strolling around Laos these days, you can’t help but notice teenagers and young adults watching videos on their phones.

Internet users in Laos increased by 264 thousand (+7.5 percent) between 2021 and 2022 according to Kepios.

Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook Videos are the most popular platforms for the youth to stream content.

The mobile data packages in Laos have evolved to accommodate the growing need for data. Lao Telecom and Unitel packages have become more generous. The two leading mobile operators in Laos are fighting hard for market share. They both want to become the main SIM card on your phone.

According to the Digital 2022 Report from We Are Social, the median mobile internet connection speed in Laos is 23.71 Mbps. This average speed is more than sufficient to stream videos online in very high quality.

Which mobile operator has the most generous Internet plan in Laos?

Lao Telecom

Lao Telecom offers 4 big mobile data plans with 30 days of validity.

  • 15GB for 35,000 KIP
  • 35GB for 65,000 KIP
  • 55GB for 100,000 KIP
  • 150GB for 150,000 KIP

These packages are specifically designed for heavy internet users. Lao Telecom 4G allows customers to enjoy a speed of 30Mbps on average, which is more than enough to stream HD or 4K videos on Youtube.

Mobile data plans in Laos, Mobile Data Plans in Laos 2022
LTC Mobile Data Packages in Laos

The packages are called “Non-Stop” because they are actually unlimited. The volume advertised on the plan is the Fair Usage Policy. It means that the mobile user will be able to enjoy full speed till he reaches the volume cap. After the volume cap, the service does not stop but the speed is reduced to 512Kbps.


Telecommunication provider Unitel offers up to 7 generous plans with validity ranging from 7 days to 30 days.

  • 15GB for 24,000 KIP valid 10 days
  • 7GB for 25,000 KIP valid 7 days (Unlimited Wechat)
  • 10GB for 35,000 KIP valid 10 days (Unlimited Facebook,Wechat)
  • 30GB for 40,000 KIP valid 10 days
  • 35GB for 63,000 KIP valid 30 days
  • 60GB for 80,000 KIP valid 30 days
  • 30GB for 95,000 KIP valid 30 days (Unlimited Youtube, Wechat)

As we can see, Unitel offers a wider variety of packages, some of them being slightly higher in price but offering unlimited access to specific applications.

Overall, Unitel mobile data packages are priced slightly below Lao Telecom and offer the best value for service.

Speed-wise, Unitel was awarded by Ookla the fastest 4G network in Laos back in 2020. If you are looking for high speed internet, good mobile coverage and call quality, you cannot definitely go wrong by choosing Unitel.


ETL is the third mobile operator in Laos and also the smallest. ETL is not known for offering the most aggressive promotions in Laos, but has a decent longstanding subscriber base due to its stable service.

Mobile data plans in Laos, Mobile Data Plans in Laos 2022
ETL Mobile Data Packages in Laos
  • 6GB for 10,000 KIP valid 3 days
  • 10GB for 50,000 KIP valid 30 days
  • 35GB for 65,000 KIP valid 30 days
  • 75GB for 85,000 KIP valid 30 days

ETL offers a good range of big mobile data plans. The latter (75GB for 85,000 KIP) is definitely one of the most interesting mobile Internet packages for heavy users. With 75 Gig of data volume, a mobile subscriber could easily use a Wi-Fi hotspot to share mobile Internet with his household, lifting the need for a home broadband connection.


Mobile Internet in Laos has improved drastically over the past few years. The Internet speed has improved, and the price has been reduced. Nowadays, it is relatively affordable to use mobile Internet and people can enjoy live and on-demand video streaming without any fear of a bill shock.

All the operators offer generous mobile plans, and it is challenging to select one over the other. Unitel is certainly the cheapest, but Lao Telecom unlimited packages can also be exciting if you use a lot of mobile data, and you do not want to break the bank. Finally, ETL can be a very good option for heavy users.

At the end of the day, the mobile operator you choose will define the number you use for the years to come. That being said, a lot of mobile subscribers in Laos use dual SIM smartphones or own multiple phones in order to benefit from each operator’s promotion.

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