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Virtual Private Servers – VPS in Laos

vps, Virtual Private Servers – VPS in Laos

More and more companies are leveraging digital channels for sales and marketing. Lao companies may be interested to rent virtual private servers or VPS to support their digital services. But how to choose the best virtual private server solution for your need?

What is a Virtual Private Server – VPS?

VPS uses virtualization technology to split a big physical server into multiple virtual servers. VPS simulates the experience of a physical server without the hassle of managing hardware. Thanks to the virtualization, a virtual private server (VPS) is redundant by design. If the physical server where the VPS is installed fails, the VPS is automatically migrated to a different physical server with minimum downtime.

Using Virtual Servers also allows customers to scale down or scale up the ressources as they need it. With physical servers, upgrades can take weeks or months. Leveraging virtualization, customers can enjoy upgrade/downgrade in minutes with minimal downtime.

How to find the best Virtual Private Server in Laos?

If your customers are in Laos, you want to host your server as close as possible to your audience. It will ensure the minimum latency hence the best performance. Media such as pictures or videos will load smoothly with limited buffering.

If you google “VPS Laos”, you will find many websites advertising cloud servers in Laos. The first question you may ask the hosting company is the location of the said VPS. Some hosting companies create hundred of clone websites on the Internet to ensure that any request will come to them. Their cloud servers are actually not located in Laos but in the region which is definitely not the same experience.

What are the best VPS hosting companies in Laos?

GDMS VPS Solutions

GDMS is a new company covering Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. The company offers a wide range of ICT and Datacenter services such as VPC, VPS, dedicated hosting, and Web hosting. They are also specialized in consulting and serve public and private customers in Lao PDR.

GDMS offers VPS hosting based on VMware technology which is the industry leader for cloud computing and virtualization software and services. Their cloud platform capacity is large and as per their website, host in a “green” facility. GDMS also offers bare metal servers and VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).

GDMS VPS Features

  • Virtual Private Server with Dedicated IP
  • Industry-grade Hardware
  • Green – Low Energy Datacenter powered by hydro
  • VMware Virtualization Platform
  • Guaranteed Server Ressource
  • Root Access with SSH
  • Web Management portal
  • Low latency to all domestic networks in Laos
  • Free Cloudflare DDoS Protection
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support

Visit GDMS Website

Hosting4Lao VPS Solutions

Hosting4Lao is another company in Laos offering VPS hosting, Web Hosting services, and Dedicated servers. Their cloud resources are mostly in Thailand but they also offer services in Lao PDR.

Their cloud hosting packages are pretty small: 1-2 vcpu, 2-8 GB of RAM but affordable: 200,000 LAK to 600,000 LAK per month.

Visit Hosting4Lao website

ATPHost Service VPS Solutions

AThosting hosting services are based on Champasak province. The Lao company is mostly a reseller of VPS solutions hosted in Laos and Thailand. Its hosting solutions includes Website hosting, dedicated servers, SEO solutions, domain registration, and SSL certificates.

ATPhosting cloud servers range from 1 vcpu to 6 vcpu, RAM from 1GB to 10GB and price from 50 USD to 170 USD per month. Their capacity is limited in Lao PDR so please check out before you order.

Visit ATPHosting Website


There are a few options to lease virtual private servers in Lao PDR but please make sure you do your own research and due diligence about the provider. If you are living in Laos, we would recommend you meet with the hosting company and ask to visit their facility. It is very easy to build a website and advertise VPS leasing because it is a virtual product. The availability and performance need to be carefully assessed and this all comes from the high quality of the facility and the hardware used to deliver the service.

Another very important point is to ensure the VPS comes with a public IP address from a fully licensed service provider in Laos. This will ensure low latency to every domestic network in Laos hence good performance for your customers.

Finally, you should consider protecting your VPS solution with DDoS protection such as Cloudflare. Cloudflare offers a wide range of very powerful security services at a very affordable price. Some companies like GDMS offer Cloudflare basic protection by default in their offering which is definitely a plus to protect your application against attacks.

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