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ETL launches unlimited data plans

, ETL launches unlimited data plans

Beeline, Laotel and Unitel already have their own unlimited data plan. ETL was the last one to join up the race and launch it this week. With a major difference though.

The Lao National Authority of Post and Telecommunication (NAPT) regulated the minimum rate per MB on mobile phones. This is the reason why as of today, no unlimited plan has been launched on such devices but only on datacards or tablets (that are not subject to regulation).
To make sure the SIM is only used in that kind of devices, subscribing to unlimited data plans usually disable the call capability.

Probably thanks to its state-own position, ETL is ignoring these regulation concerns and launch its unlimited data plan on mobile. Calling is not disabled here. Even better, they are cheaper !
Can we really speak of fair competition in Laos? Really doubt it. The funny thing is that 2 weeks earlier, Laos entered WTO…

This is the plan details:

ETL 2Teen plan:
SIM Price: 20,000 LAK
Daily rate: 5,000 LAK/day
Call rate: 300 LAK/mn

, ETL launches unlimited data plans

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