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Which operator in Laos is IPv6 ready?

, Which operator in Laos is IPv6 ready?

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is a version of the Internet Protocol (IP) intended to succeed IPv4, which is the protocol currently used to direct almost all Internet traffic. 

IPv6 was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to deal with this long-anticipated IPv4 address exhaustion, and is described in Internet standard document RFC 2460, published in December 1998. 

So, which operator in Laos is IPv6 ready? 

  1. Upstream connectivity:
  2. The first brick in the IPv6 wall is the upstream connectivity. How many operators in Laos have established IPv6 BGP peering with their oversea partners and advertise their IPv6 subnet to the world?

    Thanks to Hurricane Electric Internet services, we can see that:

    , Which operator in Laos is IPv6 ready?
    , Which operator in Laos is IPv6 ready?
    , Which operator in Laos is IPv6 ready?
    , Which operator in Laos is IPv6 ready?
    Planet 4G
    , Which operator in Laos is IPv6 ready?
    , Which operator in Laos is IPv6 ready?

  3. Logo & Certification:
  4. IPv6 Forum is an organization for creating awareness about IPv6 deployment. The organization consists of international Internet vendors, Internet Experts, Researchers & Education Networks. IPv6 Forum has an ‘IPv6 ready’ logo program, with which an IPv6 ready logo can be placed on websites and applications to increase the user trust by demonstrating that IPv6 is enabled. 

    As of today, only Beeline is registered as an IPv6 enabled ISP.

What does that mean for you as a subscriber?

As of today, I would say not much. These ISPs probably have enough IPv4 addresses to last a little bit longer. However, this also reflects how advanced is the network planning of these operators, how careful they are to anticipate future network needs and make sure they don’t compromise their network by letting a situation getting worst until a real problem happens.

IPv6 transition is a major project for operators that need to be planned carefully and implement step by step. We can see that most of operators have started doing their jobs here.

I have added LANIC (Lao National Internet Committee) to this list as it will be more likely the single point of upstream connectivity for operators in the near future. And this is alarmous as the national Internet committee itself is right now unable to provide IPv6 connectivity to none of the national operators.

4 thoughts on “Which operator in Laos is IPv6 ready?”

  1. Hello Michael, sorry for late reply. You might not get decent internet over there but you can get Internet I guess with a 3G dongle from Unitel or LTC. I think that is the best option for you.


  2. Most ISP's are moving to private ip address' as this lowers connection costs. That said they use one gate way and a shared public ip for all their clients removing the need of having clients routing through individual public ips.

  3. Private IP is not a satisfying solution and should not be acceptable for any end-user. At least any SPs should be able to offer IPv6 public connectivity in addition to the IPv4 private IP.
    Doing NAT as a cost for a service provider as it consumes hardware and software ressources. Offering dual stack IPv6 is certainly the key to reduce the investments as the data traffic is growing.

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