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Beeline successfully trials 4G LTE

Beeline has been granted by the National Authority of Posts and Telecommunications (NAPT) the right to trial LTE in Laos.
The LTE trials have began and the results are successful. Beeline engineers have been able to reach the speed of 50 mbps with a LTE dongle. 
Beeline is the first operator in Laos to officialy test LTE (4G). 
Lets hope this success will encourage the operator to officialy launch LTE in Laos. 

Why LTE matters? LTE is a new technology with a spectrum efficiency much improved. Meaning that on a same frequency band, LTE carries more data than HSPA and then reach a much bigger throughput. LTE also reduces incredibly the latency in the local loop (10ms instead of 50ms for HSPA+).

Why do we need 50-100 mbps? Internet is not anymore about accessing emails and browsing websites. On developped countries, the trend is already there. Internet service providers sell triple play services. Dad watch soccer on his HD TV, kids play XBox online in their bedroom, mom listen to an Internet radio or invite friends to dinner on her VoIP phone. The house is secured with webcams monitored via Internet by a security firm. The whole family is connected, the entire house is online. And the bandwith needs explode.

4G LTE is certainly the technology that will drive the mobile market for the next decades. By the end of 2015, Idate forecast that there will be more than 456 million LTE subscriptions worldwide. Of these, Asia-Pacific will represent 31.3% of the total, North America 30.7% and Western Europe 18.9%.

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